Mandy's Moods

An LED-illuminated desktop sign

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The Final Mandy's Moods Assembly


Assembling Mandy's Moods

Now it's time for the final assembly.

Insert the barrel jack into the hole in the Mandy's Moods box. Use a little force to press it as far in the hole as possible. Then gingerly press the Neopixels down on the small posts above the LED holes in the box. Don't worry if some of them break off -- they exist only for alignment purposes. You'll use hot glue to actually keep the LEDs in place. Press the Adafruit Trinket into the appropriate box (with two posts matching the holes on the Trinket). Finally, press the wires down so they are all inside the box. The result should look like this:

High-resolution image shot with a Canon EOS 5D MII


Use a liberal amount of hot glue around the edges of the Neopixel strips, underneath the Trinket, and around the neck of the barrel jack (glue it against the case) to hold everything in place. Finally, snap on the bottom lid (with or without the business card holder) and you're in business.




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