Mandy's Moods

An LED-illuminated desktop sign



To build your own "Mandy's Moods" box you'll the the following materials:

  • Sufficient 3D printer filament (probably around 0.25 kg, plus or minus...)
    Note: two different colors is best. Only a small amount of the second color is necessary.

  • (3) Adafruit NeoPixel sticks w/8 5050 RGB LEDs (
  • (1) Adafruit 5V trinket microcontroller (
  • A sheet of acrylic (each pane is 4"x6", so you will need sufficient acrylic to handle the number of panes you want to include with your Mandy's Moods box)
  • Female DC Power adapter - 2.1mm to screw terminal block (
  • A 5V 2A power supply, e.g., "wall wart" with a 2.1mm barrel jack. Note: make sure it's two amps; 24 Neopixel LEDs turned all the way on will draw 24x60ma = about 1.5A! (
  • A 1000 µF Capacitor (6.3V or higher) Generally available from an Electronics supply store nearby. Easily found on the Web (e.g., Amazon) if you can't find one locally.
  • Hook-up wire (a couple feet) and solder
Altogether, you're probably talking about $40-$50 in parts (depending on the price of your filament).



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