Sound, Stage, Lighting, and Theatrical Managment


Be Heard! Be Seen!



Plantation Productions provides high-quality professional sound reproduction and lighting because we know that nothing can destroy a production faster than a poor audio system and nothing can make a production stand out from the crowd like having a great lighting system to back up the audio.

Plantation Productions' philosophy is simple – We want the people to notice you, not the equipment. Our goal is to make your production stand out by making our equipment as transparent as possible to your audience.

Plantation Productions specializes in small to medium-sized venues, handling audience sizes from 10 to 5,000 people. From simple Public Address systems to large concerts; from solo artists to full rock bands; from small dance group demonstrations to theatric productions. Whatever your requirements, we have the equipment and talent to satisfy them.

If you're concerned that your event won't have the impact you want, you need to contact Plantation Productions today. We'll make sure your event achieves the maximum impact. You will be heard and you will be seen!



The Box

Community Theater in Riverside, California.

The Box, Riverside

Managed by Plantation Productions, Inc., for the City of Riverside