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Plantation Productions, Inc.

Plantation Productions, Inc., is a California Corporation engaged in two primary businesses: Professional Audio/Staging/Lighting/Productions and custom software/hardware engineering.

The production company side of the business has handled concerts with up to 10,000 people in attendance (outdoor venues). Our original "A" rig featured 65,000 watts of power with a 32-channel digital mixer (SAC) system. Running large concerts was really a hobby endeavor, not a huge money maker, so today the production side of the business deals with theatrical management and running smaller productions (events with up to 500 people indoors, 250 people outdoors).

The software engineering side of the business has been working on nuclear reactor console control software for almost 15 years. Plantation Productions, Inc., has developed and maintained the TRIGA ® Research Reactor digital console software for General Atomics. Starting is 2017, Plantation Productions, Inc., began developing their own hardware and software to support research reactors around the world.

In addition to safety-critical software for nuclear reactors, Plantation Productions, Inc., does custom embedded software and firmware for customers.

Beyond Plantation Productions' commecial projects, this site also chronicals various hobby and semi-professional projects, books, and other items.

Randall Hyde

Jan 5, 2017